Master Igor Tunik

SiFu Igor Tunik

Igor Tunik is a Head of the World Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association's Office in Ukraine and CIS, a Chief Instructor and a unique SiFu in the ex-USSR. He is attested by the Grandmaster William Cheung and is his personal disciple.

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All the SiFu's activity of Igor Tunik is lead in the name of the Grandmaster and the World Wing Chung Kung Fu Association.

What about Wing Chun style chosen? SiFu Tunik believes this style is just a way to reach one's goals, and it's all about a teaching method. “If anyone pretends his style to be the best one, then he seems to not realize what he is talking about. This question is absolutely individual and depends on a lot of factors. And if such a speaker is an instructor, it means either he just makes his business, or he sincerely deludes,” - SiFu states.

As any other style, Wing Chun can be used in real fight on the street. His efficiency in practice depends mainly on the goals, set by an individual, on his moral qualities, will power, and, of course, of his previously gained life experience. However, the Wing Chun can not be considered simply as a martial art. “Practicing a technique with bare hands does not mean real martial art”, - SiFu Tunik believes. “Martial art is not an art of fight; it is an art of accepting your death in case if there is no other way to complete the task; it means depriving your enemy of life without any doubt when it's necessary. Believe you or not, there is no romance here. Here is a deep philosophy of the life transiency together with high professional level, necessary to resolve a problem. Many years ago I recognized that after the laws of the universe, everything gets back. What do you want to seed in order to get it back by way of your thoughts being realized? I do not teach a martial art anymore. It is my conscious choice, and I really want you to understand it when coming in the training hall. Else, you will be disappointed because of having spent in vain your time, or rather your Life, since the time is what really the life consists of.”

The main reason why someone engages in martial arts practicing is struggling against his fear. Usually people come in the hall in order to become more self-confined, to vanquish their fear of being attacked. Different martial arts sections offer to solve such a problem of the psychological unpreparedness by an aggression while fighting and convincing a student in his own almightiness. But in the real life, in practice, he will be absolutely crashed. “That's why I am convinced about the word “martial” does not provide any practical value in the training hall”, - SiFu explains. “That's the first thing we explain to those who came to us. It enables us to stay honest with our students and ourselves. For overcoming the fear, there is a multitude of effective techniques, from shock and pain techniques to the extreme case surviving system. And our goal is spiritual perfection and psychophysical development, since these are things enabling a Human to overcome his fear which, possibly, hinders his life.”

SiFu Igor Tunik repeats to his disciples that the fear must not be suppressed: it must be recognized and thereby controlled. Thus, while training session, an emphasize is put on relaxation, enabling adequate reaction on opponent's action when his attack is unexpected. Relaxation of the spare muscles is sometimes gained through the physical or psychical overload, because, after an individual has got used to take a detached view on the situation and to relax, it becomes easy for him to make it in the everyday life. And, through finding and relaxing clamps of the muscles, odd clamps of the brain are removed. While practicing removing unnecessary tension of the muscles, which do not participate in stand supporting or in movements for the moment, students of the Academy learn to perceive existing reality of the present time, without getting distracted on fears in the past, on neighbors' opinion, or on worrying about future.

Despite of the SiFu's status reached, experience in martial arts and professionalism, Igor Tunik says he will always consider himself as a disciple. “I am just a simple man so as you are, and I do not know an exact time of my calling”, - states Igor Tunik. “It helps me to live in a way the Life is maximum in each my sigh.”

Apart from teaching Traditional Wing Chun to Academy's students, SiFu Igor Tunik also conducts non-Traditional Wing Chun related courses: "AIM" and "ON THE BRINK" for men who want to find their goal in life and learn how to cope with their fears.

Quotation: The life is empty and senseless, and only you decide which sense you will fill it in. 

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