Address to students

Sifu’s Address

I am writing this letter to you, a Person who decided to change his or her life, my current or potential Student. I was trying to cognize what martial art is since I was 15, doing Soviet karate at first, then hand-to-hand fighting when I became a listener at a military school and an officer. In 1989 I’ve learned about Wing Chun and since then got a desire to study and understand it. My path was sinuous, and only now I, a simple man from a small town, the one who due to his sincere wishes became the only personal student of Grandmaster of Traditional Wing Chun William Cheung from the countries of former Soviet Union, – consciously and with full responsibility I state: nothing in this life happens accidentally.

My life had drastically changed a few times, and every time when I did not know how to go on and what to do, I was merely getting down to training even more intensively and moved on. When I made mistakes, and this happened quite often, my true friend – my Warrior arts – never let me lose my ground and fall into despair. I always strived to understand who I am and what I was born for. And only now, after meeting and befriending my Teacher, a Great (I won’t be shy to use this word) and at the same time very modest, honest, kind and open man, now, when I am over 45, I state: I know WHO I AM and WHAT MY PREDESTINATION IS.

It is incorrect to consider my current activities to be martial arts. Having been through combats, in the era of firearms, it would be dishonest for me to use the words “martial arts” while teaching bare-hand fighting techniques. Nowadays martial arts are everything connected with the application and tactics of weapons usage. I teach this no more. Most people with whom I keep in touch have personal bodyguards; they are self-sufficient and well provided for. At the same time, not all of them are happy in their lives. The very few among them who are, do what they really like and live thanks to it.

I have absolutely lost interest in the system of sports and other competitions, in which personal craving for self-affirmation through victory over someone makes one very vulnerable and dependent on his own ego.

I vowed to myself I will never be at war or prove anything to anyone ever again. Wing Chun for me is an instrument for personality development and a means to find a Path to myself. Thus, if you want to learn to fight quickly and effectively, if you want to be stronger and better than your mates due to your skills, if you want to feel superior by imposing violence upon others, the doors of my school are closed for you.

But if you do not know what you are born for; if you want to understand, learn to listen to your inner self and develop intuition; if you got tired and lost interest to life but want to learn to live every minute to the full; if you want to remember that no one knows when our Life ends and thus to appreciate it to the maximum and stop being scared of death; if you want to bring your business to a new level or start anew; take hardships as steps in development and mistakes as unavoidable reality in gaining experience; if you want to have a strong spirit, be kind, honest, cheerful and find yourself, I am always waiting for You. And I will be sincerely happy for your every victory over yourself as you move towards the main goal in life – fulfilling your destiny.

Your Sifu.

P.S. I am teaching only those things I’ve lived through and in which I believe wholeheartedly. 

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