Our Friends

My friend and Teacher, Grandmaster William Cheung

Living legend of special mission units, Hero of Russia, Igor Zadorozhniy

vadik.JPG My friend, pilot by birth Vadim Polyakov         

My friend, judo Cadidate Master of Sports, famous designer Ilya Shiyan  

Real Russian, all-round boxing champion of the world Nataliya Rogosina 


Our friends: Early Rus martial art, system of Ryabko.


This site is the official site of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, as taught to me by Grandmaster Yip Man. All Instructors in The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association teach Traditional Wing Chun, and these Instructors are listed on this website in the “Branches” section. In order to uphold the standard of Traditional Wing Chun, our Instructors are re-graded every year.

Unfortunately, some other sites promote their instructors as teachers of Traditional Wing Chun. If an instructor is not listed on this site, it is not Traditional Wing Chun that he or she is teaching, and that person has not been re-graded by The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

I have taught thousands of people over the years, and many of these people use my name without my permission to promote themselves. Having a few lessons from me does not make them instructors. Reaching Level 10 ten or twenty years ago and not re-grading means that these people's skills have not been maintained. My current Instructors are ALL listed on this site. Other instructors who proclaim that they teach "Traditional" Wing Chun are NOT associated with me.

Grandmaster William Cheung

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Единоборства древней руси 

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