Traditional Wing Chun kung fu in Tampere

Татьяна КушнирукTraditional Wing Chun kung fu Oulu is a Finnish branch of the Academy of Traditional Wing Chun in Ukraine and CIS.

Instructor Tetyana Kushniruk is a student of Master of Traditional Wing Chun Igor Tunik, a personal disciple of Grandmaster William Cheung.

Tetyana: “Traditional Wing Chun gives me confidence in everyday life and supports greatly in times of hardships. When I feel good, it helps me channel my energy in the best way. When it gets tough, I do the forms, work on the stances and their shifts, recall the inner state of calmness – and come back on track, full of energy and desire to act.

Wing Chun is something that is always with me, everywhere I gо.

I teach my students to be confident in themselves and find ways to live a brighter life, full of new impressions and endless opportunities. These are the skills I am improving every moment of training, and they are the principles by which I build my own life.”

Current location: Tampere, Finland (moved from Oulu).

E-mail: tetyana.wingchun (at)

Phone: +358449737108

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