Kugay Eugeny Igorevich

Nationality: Kazakh Korean.
Eugeny's grandfather, Boris Ivanovich - Guardsman, paratrooper, an infantryman signalman. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The path of military glory: Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia. Awarded the Order of the Red Star medal for bravery.
After the war - heads of department Tselinograd Medical Institute, and activist Tselinograd Voluntary Sports Society «Kairat».

Father Igor Borisovich Kugay- The first champion of Kazakhstan in 1981 in Karate Shotokan, CCM's table tennis, abdominal surgery, plastic surgery.

Achievements: The instructor of the traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. Master Trainer in Fitness Club World class Astana on group programs and martial arts. Coordinator of martial arts fitness club World class Astana / Trainer fighting. International Presenter copyright of functional programs with elements of martial arts in Moscow, Almaty. Certified Instructor programs Les Mills, winner of the best coach of Kazakhstan in 2007 in an international competition Roocky.

First adult category on bench press. Participant of Augustine Fong Wing Chun seminars in 1995 (Los Angeles, USA), Russian style, "Siberian loach" 2002 (Astana, Kazakhstan), European Wing Chun 2003 (Astana, Kazakhstan), Wing Chun Kuen phai in 2007 (Poltava, Ukraine). Participant of television programs.

Hobbies: Singer in rock band "Steps". Laureate and winner of international contests copyright songs 2000-2003. Author of the book of poems "Steps". Winner of the Republican contest "Shabyt", for the best works of authorship. Author of the book "Silk thread". Participant of festivals and presentations on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Eugeny Kugay:

Instructor of the World Association of Traditional Wing Chun in Kazakhstan. 

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